In this personnel guide, you will find more information about matters related to your employment at Kolibrie. We hope that this personnel guide will provide you with the information you need to establish a good and pleasant working relationship. If you have any questions, please contact the Kolibrie Helpdesk at 013-5499100 or by email We are available from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

1. Compulsory identification 

According to the law on compulsory identification, you must be able to identify yourself at any time of the day, including at your workplace. Everyone must therefore carry valid proof of identity (for example: passport, identity card or Dutch driving license) at all times.

2. Amendment of personal data

You are required to provide all changes/amendments in your social status and other information that is or may be of interest to Kolibrie, in writing, to your contact at Kolibrie.

3. Statements of facts regarding you as an employee 

3.1 You declare that you will not be hindered by a non-competition and/or non-relationship clause from any of your previous employers when you are hired and/or in the performance of your duties at Kolibrie. 

3.2 You declare that you are not aware of any medical impediments to the proper performance of your duties. 

3.3 You declare upon entering employment that both privately and professionally/business wise there is no judicial and/or criminal investigation or procedure, all in the broadest sense of the word. If after the start of the payroll agreement a judicial and / or criminal investigation and / or proceedings against you is or will be initiated then you must immediately and fully inform Kolibrie. You should also keep Kolibrie informed of the progress of the investigation, of course in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

3. Salary payment 

Your salary will be paid by Kolibrie based on the hours worked as reported by the client. If the hours you worked are not submitted to Kolibrie on time, your salary may not be paid on time. If you have opted for a weekly payment, your salary will be paid on the Friday following the week worked. Example: You have worked in week 1 and the hours declaration has been delivered to Kolibrie in time, your salary will be transferred to your bank account on Friday in week 2. If you have opted for a 4-week paycheck, your salary will be paid the Friday in the 5th week. 

Kolibrie will provide you with a digital paycheck after each period via Kolibrie Online. You will receive your login details by email at the start of the employment contract. Once a year, in mid-February, you will receive an annual statement from Kolibrie, this can be viewed via Kolibrie Online.

4. Kolibrie Online and the Kolibrie HRM voor Horeca app (Kolibrie Payroll app)

Through Kolibrie Online and through the Kolibrie app you always have access to your data. Your pay slips are ready for you every Friday after the weekly or 4-weekly payments. A manual of Kolibrie Online can be requested at the Kolibrie Helpdesk. For security reasons, it is important to always log out via the 'logout' button. 

5. Vacation days 

If you wish to take vacation days you should always contact your employer. Your vacation days can registered in your Kolibrie Online account (request reservations). Here, you will also find the current balance of your vacation days (balance reservations).

If the employer has a general business closure, Kolibrie reserves the right to require you to take vacation days during this business closure. In the event that you have insufficient vacation days to cover the period, you are expected to take unpaid leave. If you do not wish to take a vacation, you must make yourself available for substitute work with another employer. You need to inform Kolibrie about this in time.

6. Vacation pay

Vacation pay is paid automatically in the month of May each year. During the year, you can also request your vacation pay balance through Kolibrie Online (request reservations).

7. Termination of work 

If you are not scheduled to work or are scheduled to work less with the client contrary to your normal work pattern, you should notify Kolibrie. If the client, for whatever reason, has terminated your work, you must immediately report this to Kolibrie. When your work has been terminated, you have two options: 

- Redeployment: you can make yourself available for replacement and suitable work, Kolibrie will then look for a suitable job for you and you are obliged to accept this job.

 - You will look for another job yourself or have already found one and resign from Kolibrie.

8. Redeployment 

In the event of redeployment, the following shall be observed: 

- If the work with the client is reduced or eliminated altogether and you choose the 'redeployment' option (as described in the article above), then for the duration of the payroll agreement you have the obligation to accept suitable and replacement job. When you refuse suitable and substitute work or are no longer available for work, Kolibrie's obligation to continue to pay wages will cease.

- If you have accepted work elsewhere or are no longer available for work for any other reason, you must inform Kolibrie immediately. 

- Suitable and substitute work means work that is at the same level or no more than 1 level lower than the former job.

- If suitable and substitute work is offered, salary will be redetermined. If suitable and substitute work is accepted with another client, the salary will be determined again in accordance with what is the norm within the organization of the new client.

- Kolibrie will take the following things into account as much as possible in case of redeployment: previous work experience, education level, physical aptitude, previous work pattern, and commute time.

- Kolibrie can offer you substitute work with a different commute time compared to the commute time you were used to at your former client. 

- We ask that you contact Kolibrie on a weekly basis. 

Kolibrie will no longer look for suitable and substitute work and will no longer continue to pay your salary if you are no longer available for work or if you refuse an offer of suitable and substitute work. 

If you have accepted work elsewhere or are no longer available for work for any other reason, you must inform Kolibrie immediately.

9. Pension 

As soon as you, as an employee, meet the conditions for joining a pension scheme, you will participate therein, all this in accordance with article 8a of the Waadi. 

10. Compensation for damages

Notwithstanding the provisions in article 7:661, paragraph 1, of the Dutch Civil Code, you shall, insofar as insured, be obliged to compensate the damage that you cause in the execution of the payroll agreement to Kolibrie or to a third party against whom Kolibrie is obliged to compensate the damage, including the client, even if the damage is not the result of your intent or conscious recklessness. 

11. Alcohol and drugs 

You are prohibited from using alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances during or prior to the performance of your duties. Violation of this section may be grounds for Kolibrie to dismiss you with immediate effect. You will also be subject to any alcohol and drug regulations maintained by the client, which are an integral part of your payroll agreement.

12. Social media 

If you make private use of social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram then any use of or reference to the name of Kolibrie and or the client as well as any other expression related to Kolibrie and or the client or the work should be avoided. You must at all times refrain from statements in the broadest sense of the word that could bring Kolibrie and/or the Client and/or employees of Kolibrie and/or the Client into disrepute or that could damage the good name of Kolibrie and/or the Client. 

13. Penalty clause 

Kolibrie reserves the right to impose an immediately payable fine of Euro 1,500 for each violation or non-compliance by you of one or more of the obligations mentioned in articles 11 and 12, without notice of default being required as well as an additional fine of Euro 250,- for each day that the violation continues after Kolibrie has been notified of the discovery thereof, including a part of a day, all this without prejudice to the right of Kolibrie to claim full compensation and performance instead of the fine. Payment of such penalty(s) shall not relieve you of the obligations set forth in said articles. With this article, Kolibrie and you explicitly deviate from Article 6:92 of the Civil Code.

14. Employment termination

If you wish to terminate your employment with Kolibrie, you may do so in writing by letter or e-mail. This should include at least the following: 

- Your name, address, zip code and city. 

- The name of the client where you were most recently employed. 

- Date of termination (you must take into account the legal term of notice of 1 month). In consultation we can deviate from the statutory notice period. 

15. Collective insurance

As an employee of Kolibrie, you can benefit from attractive discounts on various insurance policies. More information can be found on the Kolibrie website.