Your holiday reservation consists of two components: holidaymoney and leave hours.

You accrue 8% of holidaymoney per worked hour. The holidaymoney is automatically deposited into your account annually in late May or early June. Your holidaymoeny can also be claimed in full (or in part) threw Kolibrie Online. If you request your holidaymoney in time, this will be transferred with the next wage payment. The holidaymoney is processed at a special tax rate, which means that you will pay extra tax on this. How much exactly depends on the cumulative taxable income. This can rise to a maximum of 56%.

You also accrue a percentage of leave hours per hour worked. Leave hours are divided into statutory and extra-statutory leave hours.

Statutory leave hours:

The rules regarding leave hours stipulate that you must take statutory leave hours within 12 months after the accrual year. Then these days expire. The statutory hours that you build up this year therefore expire on December 31st of the following year. In accordance with the collective labor agreement, you can request these leabe hours to compensate for hours which you did not work. We may not process more than your usual working hours per week (on worked and / or leave hours). The usual working time is the average amount of hours of your last 13 weeks worked. This means that if you work an average of 24 hours, for example, you may supplement the hours worked with leave hours up to 24 hours. If we receive hours worked after the leave request for the same period, we will adjust your leave request accordingly. This means that fewer leave hours may be paid than you originally applied for.

Extra-statutory leave hours:

If you accrue more leave hours than the statutory number, we speak of "extra-statutory" leave hours. For extra-statutory leave hours, a limitation period of five years applies. For non-statutory leave hours, we may process more than your usual working hours per week if your accrueled balance is high enough. This means that if you work an average of 24 hours, for example, you may also supplement theose hours worked on top of those 24 hours.

For taking your leave hours, it is advisable to first take your statutory leave hours and then your extra-statutory leave hours due to the difference in limitation period.

You can request your holiday reservations via Kolibrie Online

Soon you can also request holiday reservations threw our app.