Anyone who works, is entitled to payroll tax deduction. This means that you, as an employee, are able to get a rebate, or discount, on the taxes you pay over your salary. If you work for multiple employers, you can apply payroll tax deduction at one employer only. Tip: apply payroll tax deduction with the employer who pays you the most salary.

The start date of the payroll tax deduction is the same as the start date of your contract with Kolibrie HRM. 

We're only allowed to change the payroll tax reduction if this is requested by this form.

You can print out the form, fill in the details and your signature and send it back to us.

It is important for you to know that a changement in the tax reduction is only possible from the first Monday of the week or from the first Monday of the 4-weekly period if you receive your payment every 4 weeks.

You can send the form by e-mail to (we are only allowed to accept scans of this form in our administration and not photos), or by post to the following address:


Antwoordnummer 60717

5000 WB Tilburg