A probation period can last a maximum of one month for a temporary employment contract with a duration of more than 6 months or for a temporary employment contract for which no end date has been agreed. The relevant collective agreement may stipulate that the probation period lasts longer than one month in the latter case.

No probation period may be used for a temporary contract of 6 months or less.

Dismissal during probation

There is no preventive test by the UWV or the subdistrict court for dismissal during a probationary period and no notice period applies. Nor does it have to be one of the reasonable grounds for dismissal. Your employer does not have to see whether you can be reassigned within the organization.

Resign yourself during probation

You can resign during your probationary period. In this case you do not have to adhere to a notice period. If you resign yourself, you are not entitled to unemployment benefit. In that case, you can claim a social assistance benefit from your municipality.